Why do people thrive in coworking spaces?

Over the last few years, there has been an exponential rise in coworking spaces. Young professionals are opting to cowork instead of rent an expensive office. Coworking spaces offer a new way of working which suits the needs of millennials. The new generation of working professionals is no longer happy to work in stuffy, formal offices. A flexible workspace promotes efficiency and productivity while boosting employee morale. At a coworking space, employees like to come into work and are not forced to do so. They thrive in such spaces. Here are some of the reasons why people thrive in coworking spaces.


Today’s working professionals would never agree to be micromanaged. They want to work in organizations where their efforts are recognized and they do not have to follow stringent rules that hamper their productivity. Employees need a high degree of flexibility in their work-life to be efficient and happy. A shared office space can help them with this. Shared workspaces have the objective of creating a community of like-minded professionals who can work in a cohesive manner. Unlike traditional office space, there is no unhealthy competition or politics in a workspace. This is due to the fact that people from multiple offices, verticals, and industries work in these spaces. Hence, rather than fostering negativity, coworking allows employees to socialize, learn new things, and work in a way that suits them. Unlike traditional offices, coworking does not come with a fixed entry and exit time. Professionals can come in whenever they want, stay as long as they need, and leave as per their convenience. This is vitally important as different people are productive during different time periods. For instance, there might be some people who work best after evening hours. In a coworking space, they can easily come in then and work, instead of sticking to the routine 9 to 5. Additionally, if you decide to cowork, you can choose the type of space where you feel most efficient. Be it a private cabin with your coworkers or a dedicated open desk to work independently, everything is your call!


Young professionals know the importance of networking. Building networks and interacting with the right people can help professionals boost their career growth. At a traditional office space, there are very few opportunities to network. Networking opportunities are generally limited to annual events and functions. In a shared office space, on the other hand, there are ample networking opportunities. As mentioned earlier, a diverse group of people works in a coworking space. Employees from similar and widely different industries share a space. All you need to do is walk out into the common areas and talk to new people. One of the primary reasons for the rise of coworking spaces was the infinite networking opportunities that these spaces were able to provide. Coworking provides you with immense scope to learn and grow. By working side by side with experienced veterans from diverse industries, you get to learn things that can fuel your own career growth. No longer do you have to sweat about a particular project where you are having issues. With coworkers having diverse skill sets, you can easily take the help of somebody who comes with the required skill sets and experience to assist you with your project issues.


Many professionals often get disillusioned due to the monotonous nature of their work. Traditional spaces with their basic designs and structures just add to this monotony. Coworking spaces are a creative and engaging option for a lot of working people. These workspaces have been designed to be attractive to millennials with bright colors, open spaces, and entertainment rooms. Most coworking units come with customizable options. In other words, you can choose the look and feel of your room in the shared office space. As a result, businesses can personalize their cabins to boost employee morale and keep them engaged at all times. Vibrant coworking spaces enhance the productivity of employees by keeping them happy. For example, a young advertising startup might choose to customize their private cabin with fun and quirky posters, card games, and even a games table. This stays in line with their positioning as a fun brand and keeps employees happy.

The rise of coworking spaces has heralded a new way of working. Coworking spaces offer benefits that allow employees to thrive and grow in a vibrant environment. Lack of a formal environment, ease of working, added amenities, and zero professional politics attract a large number of people to coworking. At Rainmakers, our shared office space has been designed to help you work in a calm environment which is inducive to growth. Get in touch with us to book your room at our coworking space.