Ways to build a community in coworking spaces

When we talk about coworking spaces, we are a thriving community of mutually cooperative freelancers, startups, remote workers, and other independent professionals. Building a community in coworking spaces encourages individuals to connect with each other and benefits future collaboration prospects.

According to a report, 82% of employees have reported that coworking space has expanded their professional networks.

There are certain efforts that can help you to build a community in your coworking office space. Here are ways to make that.

Create coworking newsletters & virtual groups

Introducing a bog or a newsletter or a simple WhatsApp group can be an initial step of building a community in your coworking space. There are many ideas, events, and invites that you can share among yourself that will help break the ice.

Networking and social events

A weekly potluck, game nights, open mic; there are several cool ways to network among yourself. The great thing about sharing an office space is that you get to experience many different types of people. Ask your members what they like and get some fun after-hours plan.

Introduce new members in the community

Being a new member of a coworking space can be overwhelming. Welcome your fellow worker through a ‘Welcome mail.’ You can also organize a small meet and greet every time a new member joins the office.

Create an accountability group

Accountability groups are a great way to show mutual support to one another. Create a group where members can regularly discuss various issues, like what they are working on, what they like to be held accountable for, and others. This also helps group members to work proactively on ideas and projects.

Host professional workshops

Sharing skills gives motivation to employees to work on their own and follow others. Common skills like content marketing, photography, IP issues, cybersecurity can be hosted within any group of coworkers.

Invite guest speakers

If a workshop isn’t an option, every employee can benefit from a little motivation. Invite guest speakers who can discuss topics like marketing trends, ups, and downs of the initial phase of the startup, building networks. This way, you can open a lot of doors among your community members to accelerate their businesses.

Happy hours

Off-hour events help members to connect with each other more casually. They can be done within a budget, instantly with only a little effort. People can get to know each other better without getting distracted by work.

Coworking spaces can be a lot of fun if appropriately utilized. Creating a community in a coworking space will give you new perspectives and help you to connect with people. Are you looking for an office space to work? Connect with us!

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