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Marketing hacks for coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have been steadily growing in India for a couple of years. But by the end of 2019, the industry grew unexpectedly.

Keeping in mind how much the pandemic has affected organizations’ sales, the concept of shared office spaces for rent will definitely rise in 2021.

As businesses are going more flexible, it is said that coworking spaces actually makes people more motivated. A recent article stated that around 84% of are more engaged in coworking offices, improving productivity.

So, the market has a vast scope. But only if appropriately promoted. Here are some tips or marketing hacks for coworking spaces.

Target marketing

It may seem like old advice, but no marketing strategy can be successful without target marketing. Location is a primary factor in shared office spaces. So choose your audience accordingly.

One of the best sources of target marketing is directly through your clients. Share your ideas directly, attend events where there is enough crowd to accumulate information on what people want in a coworking space.

Try videos

Videos are a great way to show actual spaces to your audience. Publish short videos of around 1 to 3 minutes and give a virtual tour of your office space. It is said that videos generate 50% more engagement in social media than pictures.

You can try with your internal audience first, like your clients or people with whom you already have a relationship.

Offering something extra

Everybody loves freebies. Even prominent businessman loves something extra on their plate.

Rather than offering stationaries, which could be afforded by everybody, provide some extra services. At Rainmakers, we offer services like cleaning, reception services and some other discounts on rents.

Some of the best coworking spaces offer services like discounts, two-day free workstations, membership plans for a lifetime to capture more clients.

Create a space for collaboration

Professionals in a coworking space usually come from a wide array of industries- from website developers to artists, entrepreneurs, interior designers, and so on.

Collaboration in the workspace can only contribute to more productivity and a sense of community. Determine what interests your members are schedule a seminar, panel discussion, or even workshops.

Social media presence

One of the ways to get noticed in the social media market is by creating some attention-grabbing content. Think about influencer marketing and collaborate with celebrities or influencers to tweets, posts, or share stories about your workspace.

You may also create some quirky marketing campaigns or hashtags for your office to generate more engagement in social media.

It’s all in the look

Create an inviting space where people would WANT to come and work.

Coll-office culture is something that many younger professionals look forward to. Have an outdoor space, some cozy couch, quirky indoors to reduce the worries and sadness of working alone.

Some studies suggest that around 83% of professionals feel less lonely working in a coworking space.

At the end of the day, when you have an innovative co-working office and can promote that well, people are bound to do business with you—looking for a coworking office space? Contact Us.


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