Cost-saving with coworking

Coworking has become a way of life! Every day, more and more coworking spaces are cropping up in every major city across the world. While coworking is a popular choice amongst freelancers and startup owners, it is also gaining popularity amongst SMEs and MNCs. While opting to cowork can provide you with myriad benefits, cost-saving is the primary benefit that you will receive. A coworking space can help your business save unnecessary expenditure, which is especially important in the current economic scenario. Here are some of the ways by which coworking helps in cost-saving.


Rental expenses can create a huge dent in the pockets of business owners. Often, business owners end up paying for space that they are not even using completely. A shared office space reduces the rent burden by a great extent. When you work from a coworking space, you are only paying for the space that you are using. For instance, if you are a small startup with only 5 members, you can rent 5 seats instead of an entire office. As a result, you can save your rental expenses and stop paying extra for space that you aren’t using.


Every business owner knows the importance of boosting employee morale and motivation. This is why companies need to provide something more than just a table, chair and laptop to work. Employees require extra amenities like free beverages, pantry, regular maintenance, common areas etc to remain motivated. At a private workspace, these involve extra costs in addition to the rent. At a coworking space, on the other hand, additional amenities and facilities are all-inclusive of the rent that you are paying. As such, you can provide your employees with the best services without spending anything extra. 


You can’t just have an empty office space! Creating a conducive office ambience plays a vital role in promoting employee productivity. You need to invest in ergonomic furniture and aesthetic furnishings. However, good quality furniture and furnishings can be quite expensive. Coworking eliminates this cost! Flexible workspaces come fully furnished with premium, anthropometric furniture and elegant furnishings. You do not have to pay anything extra for this! All you need to pay is the seat/room rent! All extras, including the furniture and furnishings, is already included. Saving these costs can help businesses, especially small businesses to manage their financial resources better. 


When you own a business, you also need to invest in the infrastructure. The infrastructure includes security, CCTV surveillance, WiFi and more. These services can be quite expensive. You would not only have to pay a one-time investment cost on high-quality CCTV solutions and high-speed WiFi but also pay monthly salaries for your security personnel. On the other hand, at a shared office space, the infrastructure is already taken care of. Coworking spaces have their own security, WiFi and CCTV and you do not have to pay anything extra for these. Thus, you and your employees can work worry-free and save costs in the process.

A private workspace usually involves huge overhead and other expenditure, As such, it is not a great option if you are looking to cut down on your costs. Coworking, on the other hand, can be very cost-effective. At Rainmakers Workspace, we have multiple seating options available, based on your budgetary requirements. Be it a large private cabin for your entire team, a conference room for sales meets or a single desks, we can help you! Get in touch with us to know more.

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