At Rainmakers Workspace, our focus is on providing an environment which is conducive to productivity and growth. Apart from a world-class working space and state-of-the-art amenities, our allied services involve consulting and advisory solutions to help companies and startups grow and maximize efficiency. Our startup consultancy services can help first-time business owners acquire funding from potential investors by creating innovative pitch decks and business models. Our team of experts come with years of experience in their respective domains and can help you in strategic areas to drive business growth. The allied services that we provide include:

Company Set-Up :

We work as business incubators to help startups establish their business. Understanding that setting up a business is not a simple task, we help by outlining the necessary guidelines related to startup incubation, assist in completing necessary registration and filing processes, help you in planning the business model and structure and more.

Digital Presence in India :

Our allied services can help you establish a digital presence across India by understanding your business objectives, your product/service, target market etc and creating a personalized digital plan that works for you. We provide support with respect to expanding your online visibility and building your digital presence. 

Registration & other services :

At Rainmakers Workspace, we can handle all registrations and paperwork, like STPI registrations, related to setting up and running of business operations. In addition, we have expert financial consultants who can help you in activities like mergers, acquisitions, strategic investments, joint ventures, and more. We also provide advisory services to help companies set up profitable franchises.

India Entry Strategies :

We have worked with several foreign companies to help them enter the Indian market. Our consultants work with companies by understanding strategic objectives, identifying niche target segments in the Indian market and helping them partner with stakeholders who can help them get established and grow. We also help foreign companies acquire debt and equity shareholdings in Indian companies, depending upon their requirements.

Staffing & Hiring :

At Rainmakers Workspace, we have industry experts who can help you handle all your staffing requirements. We provide assistance by outlining guidelines and industry best practices, ensuring you can hire the best talent for your startup or company. Additionally, we also assist in hiring talent on a turnkey basis.

Digital-only project launch :

New product launches require extensive research and competitive strategies to ensure success and acceptance within the target market. This is especially the case for unique products like FMCG products. We work with experts who have years of experience in designing product launch strategies and launching new, innovative products. Our allied services can help you in digital-only product launches targeting particular cities.

Conference & Video Conferencing Facilities :

Our workspace comes with in-house conference rooms that are spacious and include amenities that can help you host productive meetings. We also provide video conferencing facilities, to ensure you can keep in touch with satellite teams.