5 Things about a coworking space that you had no idea about!

Coworking is the latest trend in the business industry and it is here to stay! It is a great alternative to spending huge amounts of money on leasing your own office space or working from home, which often hampers concentration and productivity. The flexible payment plans, a variety of options, minimal overhead costs and low commitments make coworking spaces an attractive option for a lot of people. While startups primarily opt for coworking, medium and large organizations are also seeing the benefits of shared offices. Read on to know 5 things about coworking spaces that you had no idea about!

Job Control

A shared office space offers exponentially higher job control and flexibility than a permanent office. Shared workspaces do not have any rigid timing that clients have to follow. You can choose the timing, be it morning or night when you are most productive. In addition, you can also select the office space that suits your needs. Be it a private cabin or a dedicated open desk, you can work the way that helps you be productive. With greater job control comes a higher degree of efficiency and productivity.


A coworking office space offers multiple benefits not present in traditional offices. Apart from the office space where you work in, you also get additional perks and benefits. At a shared space, you have access to food and unlimited beverages, to keep you active throughout the day. Besides, you never have to worry about operational issues like WiFi, power backup, housekeeping etc as coworking spaces ensure that everything is taken care of without bothering the clients working in their space. A coworking office space will also have spacious and well-equipped meeting and conference rooms which you have access to.


Originally, flexible workspaces were considered the domain of freelancers and startup owners. Big business organizations did not find the value of coworking. However, in recent times, coworking spaces have adapted to suit the requirements of SMEs and MNCs. As a result, many companies are either working completely out of shared spaces or choosing to keep a team working from these spaces, to overcome distance and transportation barriers for them. Any shared office space allows companies to book spaces and spots by the hour or day, apart from the norm of booking monthly/bi-annually/annually. Big organizations are taking advantage of this by booking a space for certain specific days per month. The motive behind this is to boost employee morale and efficiency by giving them a change of environment. Moreover, shared spaces offer benefits like game rooms, TV rooms and more which are great ways to keep employees happy and engaged.


Work efficiency is directly linked to mental peace. Office politics can have a negative impact on mental well-being, which in turn is reflected in the work produced. At a coworking space, politics is avoided. The reason for this is that flexible workspaces host people from different offices, backgrounds and industries. Employees would be interacting and socialising with people from different sectors. As a result, there is no ground for the development of organizational rivalries which is so common in traditional offices. In addition, these spaces are a great place to interact with new people and socializing with different people having unique interests is always good for your mental health.


One of the biggest advantages that a coworking office space provides is that it acts as a source of knowledge. At a traditional office, there is a limit to the knowledge you can gain from your coworkers, due to the fact that everyone works in the same organization within the same industry. On the other hand, in a shared office space, you would be working with people who come from diverse backgrounds and different industries from your own. Many of these people might even be industry veterans with years of experience in their domain. By interacting with your coworkers at shared workspaces, you can acquire vast knowledge regarding different industries. This is especially useful for first-time business owners looking for an industry expert to help and guide them.

Coworking spaces can be beneficial for every person wishing to work in an efficient manner. They are a far better choice than traditional office spaces which are expensive and working from home which can be distracting. At Rainmakers Workspace, we have a variety of spaces available for you, customizable as per your needs. Get in touch with us to know more.

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