4 key essentials of an amazing office design!

The office environment, layout and ambience play a vital role in promoting employee productivity and efficiency. Offices that are open, warm and well-lit are a delight to work in! The importance of office design is especially crucial in coworking spaces, where people from different offices and industries work together. Office layouts of shared workspaces should be collaborative while maintaining privacy. Read on to know 4 key essentials of an amazing office design that will boost employee morale.


First and foremost is the location of your office space. While this may seem unconventional, but the location is an important component of your office design. The location should ideally be accessible by everyone working in that office building. When it comes to big cities, like Bangalore, nobody like a long commute. As such, it is important that you choose a place that is centrally located and easily reachable. In addition, the location of your office building should also have multiple commute options like cabs, buses, trains etc.


The space available is an important part of your office interior design. The thumb rule is to have an office area with open spaces that create a spacious and airy feel. Consider using glass walls or large windows as these create the illusion of space as well as let in sunlight. While the actual office cabins should be lockable and private, the common areas should be conducive to collaboration. For this, such areas should be open, with enough space for people to walk around and talk to people. Proper usage of natural and artificial lights is also needed to create a friendly atmosphere.


Green workspaces are all in craze right now! Studies have shown that the presence of nature has a calming and positive impact on people. As such, it would be a good idea to include some elements of nature as part of your office design. This can be done by placing potted plants in different areas of your office. Low-maintenance plants like aloe vera and the money plant can be kept to improve the air quality of your office as well as give an aesthetic look. Apart from plants, you also need to focus on letting in as much light and air as possible. As mentioned earlier, windows and glass walls are easy ways to let in light. While most office spaces are air-conditioned, having large balconies and open terrace areas allow you to make the most of the fresh air outside.


An important component of your office interior design is the furniture. Business owners need to invest in ergonomic furniture that does not cause physical discomfort. You need to remember that your employees will be spending the majority of their day sitting on chairs and working in front of the laptop or computer. Uncomfortable furniture can result in back and neck issues, which will hinder the performance of your employees. Good quality furniture can go a long way in preventing this from happening, as well as allowing employees to work more conveniently. 

An amazing office design requires several components which has a positive impact on the overall physical and mental health of your employees. By investing some time and money on the office design, you win in the long-run by creating an atmosphere that supports employee productivity. Comfortable, spacious and open workspaces result in happy employees and happy employees are the secret to business success!

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